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Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame 2011
• Builder •

Categories:  Athlete, Coach, Builder, and Team

Ted Barton



Radically changed the figure skating landscape in British Columbia when he was instrumental in establishing the Burnaby Skate Canada Centre of Excellence, considered one of the finest figure skating training centres in the world. Was one of the architects of the sport’s new scoring system A former national junior skating champion and coach (12 of his athletes became national team members), he continues to improve the sport through his outstanding technical skills. A whiz at video production he developed a instant replay system for judging panels, which was adopted by the International Skating Union as well as CBC and CTV. His latest “invention” is live streaming of skating events throughout the country. He is the Executive-Director of the BC-Yukon Skate Canada Section.



Dr. Jack Taunton

Sport Medicine



Respected as one of the top Sport Medicine doctors in North America. He was Chief Medical officer at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Sydney 2000 Olympics and two Pan American and World Student Games as well as Medical officer of the 1988 Winter Olympics, three Commonwealth Games and four World Championships. He was Team Physcian for the Vancouver Grizzles of the NBA and Vancouver Canucks and for 24 years the national women’s field hockey team. Together with colleague Dr. Doug Clement created the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre.